New casino slot Twin Spin

Starting Thursday, November 21, 2013, you can try new video slots for free at Casino. This is Twin Spin: a slot machine that can win 243 different ways. Twin Spin is a slot machine consisting of five reels, two of which are the same by default. The remaining three reels will spin, with you looking to get the winning combination. This game is extra fun because you already have two of the same symbols on the Twin Spin slot machine from the Casino. After all, you only need one logo to win right away.

Ten or twenty free spins at Casino

You will receive ten free spins if you have deposited at the Casino in the last six months. Then you must play the Twin Spin slot machine on November 21, 2013, between 17:00 and 23:59. You can also get twenty free spins at the Casino for VIP players. Since you have 243 different ways to win, there is a high chance that you will profit from your free spins. With this advantage, you can finally keep playing to see if the Twin Spin Casino video slot has more, more benefits available to you.

Play the Twin Spin slot machine yourself

You can play with up to 250 coins per spin on the Twin Spin reels. You have a prize if you have three, four or five matching symbols. You can win up to 270,000 coins, more than a thousand times your bet return. Of course, this slot machine has a Wild symbol to help you win attractive prizes. Winning combinations light up in the slot machine when you have a bonus. It can even happen that you have two or more winning combinations, and then they all light up. Of course, you can also see how many coins you have won in the Twin Spin slot at the Casino.

If you use Facebook, you are probably familiar with the game Candy Crush, played by millions of people worldwide. This game is top-rated among women. You will enjoy the Sugar Pop slot if you like playing Candy Crush. The goal is to combine the same type of candy to achieve a profit. Like Candy Crush, you also have to pass various levels with this video slot. Therefore, it is very much worth trying Sugar Pop in online casinos because where you can’t earn anything with the Facebook variant, you can achieve high profits in online Casinos.

Full of gifts

Sugar Pop is a super sweet video slot that makes you bounce off the sugar and the wins you can get while playing. You spin the reels once with a regular video slot, and your winnings are immediately fixed. If you play Sugar Pop and have a winning combination, the candy in question disappears from the board with a big bang. In its place are new candies, with which you can also make a profit, and this can continue continuously so that your profit per spin can increase well.

How does Pop Sugar work?

First, you set the value of the coin you want to play with. It can be set to €0.02, €0.05, €0.10, €0.25, €0.50 or €1.00. Then you set the amount you want to play, where the numbers 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 are possible. Press the big green button, and 25 candies will appear. If three identical candies touch each other, they disappear from the board. You will be paid depending on the combinations made (i.e. which candies you have and how many).

Bonus Features of Sugar Pop

The above is pleasing to the eye, but this sweet slot machine offers much more. You play in the form of levels. You start at level one. On the right is a blue counter that shows how far you are on your way to a new level. When the meter is complete, you go to the next level. This allows you to unlock special candies, where each unlocked candy has its function. For example, white chocolate (level 4 and above) causes almonds to shoot across your playing field, causing the candy to explode and the winnings to roll. You unlock new candy for each so many levels.