Blackjack, five good reasons to start playing


If blackjack for real money is a little thought that’s been whizzing through your head for some time, here’s an article that will provide you with some great reasons to start gradually and well. In fact, while the desire to win a lot of money is a mental condition characterizing the freshmen of online blackjack, we recommend that you start progressively in order to become more familiar with the game and start playing seriously only when you feel ready.


Blackjack is a fascinating game, so it would be a shame not to experience the emotions that this manages to give in its many available versions.

1. The first good reason to play blackjack is the possibility of practicing with fake money both on online gaming portals and at home. In fact, we all have bunches of French cards to play blackjack with and become more familiar with its rules. In this regard, remember that blackjack is usually played with multiple decks, unlike “single deck” variants.

2. The second good reason is that you can play online blackjack from home for real money and in total safety. In fact, since July 2011 the cash game (the necessary condition for the game of blackjack) has been liberalized, thus making online casinos licensed AAMS, the Autonomous Administration of State Monopoly. For this reason, if you want to start playing online blackjack for real money, you can do so with the confidence of accessing a valid and controlled gaming environment, thanks to Italian online casinos.

3. The third good reason to start playing blackjack is that there are different game variants, suitable for each type of taste and each type of player. The more experienced know well that depending on the variant of blackjack that you choose, there are different odds of the house. Odds are the odds of winning: the ideal is to play a variant with the lowest home odds and undertake game strategies aimed at optimizing statistics, for example considering all the cards released up to a given moment in a live blackjack table. In fact, some casinos allow you to play live online blackjack, i.e. with real video link dealers from a multiplayer table. We recommend that you play multiplayer tables as they will allow you to see more cards discovered in a single game hand.

4. The fourth good reason to play blackjack is to be able to take advantage of your patience. In fact, a lot of blackjack hands are won simply by dropping the dealer. In this regard, be careful to consider not only the hands in which the bench is busting, but also those in which the desk cannot receive other cards and must necessarily “stay”. We therefore recommend that you play those variants of blackjack in which the dealer must “stay” with the 17 soft (Ace is a card different from the figures). In fact, if the dealer can make “hit” (i.e. receive another card) with the soft 17, this presents itself as a disadvantage for the player. So, in addition to the hands in which the dealer busts (i.e. gets a score above 21) to blackjack you can also win thanks to the low scores of the same dealer.

5. The fifth good reason why you recommend trying blackjack online (although there are certainly many others) is that you will always have a lot of choice: whether to play for real or virtual money; deciding which variant to play in; deciding how much and how much to play. You will be free to play blackjack and win when you want, comfortably from your couch.


Online casinos haven’t made me a millionaire, but I’m really taken by the excitement and fun that casinos offer me. I’m here to show you what I’ve learned over time…