Bars And Stripes Slot Machine: Free game and review


Description and idea of the game

Bars And Stripes has 5 reels and 25 paylines that allow you to make the most of the Scatter and Wild symbols featured in this game. Get ready to win the big jackpot made available by this timeless slot. A slot that can only celebrate everything that has made America the great country that is now within the Bars And Stripes. Fun and a lot of American patriotic pride inside the Bars And Stripes.


In a slot like the Bars And Stripes, all American themed could not miss a symbol like the Eagle, of course there is also the Statue of Liberty, Hot Dogs, Burgers with chips, Beer, Roasted Turkey, Oreo and of course the Apple Cake. How can you be more American than that? This is a game suitable for both early amateurs and experienced players. The wild symbol will make you complete all winning combinations, while the Scatter symbol is American Football and with 3 of these symbols you will have a win. With the Symbol Uncle Sam for a minimum of 3 times you will enter the bonus phase and this is the moment when the Bars And Stripes can really pay.


It is a game that offers many types of bets and as a result can play both high roller players and shy players. Bets start at one cent and go up to 1 dollar. You can bet a maximum of 250 tokens. With bars And Stripes, the 25 payment lines will be key and you can decide how many to use each shot. Remember that the maximum jackpot can be up to 50,000 coins and you’ll have to hope not to frame it while you’re playing with a single penny per token. The Bars And Stripes slot ensures you have great fun at all levels at every single moment of your day and without leaving the house!