Baccarat: How to Play


 Baccarat Live Online

Although Baccarat is not as popular a card game as Black Jack or Poker, it has started to buy more and more fans since the arrival of online casinos. In fact, if before Baccarat was a game relegated to secluded rooms of real casinos, today online casinos have made it accessible to millions of users. So it’s no surprise that playing Baccarat becomes an increasingly common practice among gambling enthusiasts, given the simplicity of the game.

Playing Baccarat is very easy and learning doesn’t take much time. Note that in this case we are talking about casino Baccarat and more specifically online casinos. The first key difference between traditional Baccarat and online casinos is that in its live multiplayer versions this has a maximum of 6 players per table (up from 12 in traditional Baccarat).

The key to learning how to play Baccarat

The key to learning how to play Baccarat is to figure out how to pick a winning hand. The game has two hands, the player’s hand and the dealer’s hand, and your goal will be to predict which of the two will be successful. In this regard it should be clarified that both hands are managed by the dealer so you will not have to make any choice except to bet on one or the other hand. The game is all determined in advance so regardless of the cards that come out the dealer will not be able to make “personal” choices but act according to the rules of the game. In the end you can compare it to a kind of roulette, but played with the cards and diluted in more time and lapels.

In Baccarat the bet on the player and on the bench pays 2:1 while the draw pays 9:1. However, in this regard, a clarification must be made regarding the payout on the stake of the bank, as it pays 2:1 but with a 5% board withholding tax (e.g. if you play 100 on the counter and win, you will get 195 instead of 200).

As for the rules and the conduct of the game, we refer you to our specific article on the rules of Baccarat. Check it out here

Here’s how to learn Baccarat strategies. Don’t bet on a draw!

Baccarat strategyWhen we talk about Baccarat we are obviously talking about a very simple game and based in general on pure luck. However, this does not mean that thanks to an adequate strategy, better results can be achieved than without it. There are only three betting options that you have at the baccarat table. You can choose whether to bet on the player, on the bench or instead try the difficult path of the draw. Many people wonder why there are always many players who take notes around the tables of the baccarat and we really ask ourselves too!

In any case, it is a classic to take note of the results that happen before starting to play in search of patterns that identify a pattern, although in a game where chance and luck are dominant this research seems a bit meaningless. The search for a winning strategy, however, is every player’s dream no matter what game you decide to use. If you want to understand how useful notes can be in a game like baccarat just think that the casino does not discourage this type of behavior and if or deemed harmful to the chances of recess would instantly prohibit this behavior at the table. We can say with certainty that taking notes at the table will not increase the chances of winning any player. In fact everything that happens before the hand you are playing has a pure statistical value, but in the reality of baccarat does not affect in any way the result of the current hand. On the contrary, one could say a classic game such as blackjack in which the card account really has value for the results of the following hands.